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programmflyer-titel_0.pngHas the word already reached everyone? – Blockupy is back....

..with blockades and actions of civil disobedience on Friday, 31st of May, at the European Central Bank, the bank district, at the shopping district Zeil and at the deportation airport.

...with a demonstration on Saturday, June 1st, starting at 11:00 AM at Baseler Platz. The demonstration ends at the European Central Bank (Willi-Brand-Platz) with a short rally and assamblies about the future of resistance.

...with the opening of an anticapitalist camp at the Rebstock area on Wednesday, May 29th. The installation of the campsite and the starting events will begin from May 27th.

...during the whole week there will be a multifaceted political and cultural program.

The following is a short, temporary overview of the events and actions planed. Everybody is invited to participate, organize and unfold own activities. Everywhere, especially in the camp we are looking for helping hands. And the actions of civil disobedience depend on the creative ideas of small and bigger groups. Blockupy lives from self-organization and the coaction of the different initiatives in the social movement.

On that note, get active, mobilize and spread appeals and posters, and off course this program....

Download: Camp-programm-flyer english.pdf

Monday, May 27th

12:00 AM – Beginn Camp installation

05:00 PM – Camp anticapitalista
„Blockupy goes airport“ – collective transport to the Airport for the weekly „Monday“ demonstration.

Tuesday, May 28th

07:30 PM – DGB Haus, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69
„In the shadows of the towers“ – highly precarious forms of employment in Frankfurt. Resistance and support of migrants against these types of employment.
This is a „MigrAr Rhein-Main“ event

Wednesday, May 29th

05:00 PM – Grand opening of „Camp anticapitalista“
Opening plenum

08:00 PM – Camp anticapitalista
“Stop evictions!”
Experiences from Berlin and Spain
This is an event of „Wem gehört die Stadt“ and the „AK kritische Geographie“

10:00 PM – Camp anticapitalista
Camp-Bar & elektro-nightblock and Beatpoeten
(Elektrocabarett, Hannover)

Thursday, May 30th

10:00 AM – Camp anticapitalista
Delegate plenum

12:00 AM – Camp anticapitalista
International assembly of Resistance – Activists form different countries report about their struggles and their relation to Blockupy.

12:00 AM – Camp anticapitalista
Workshops (i.e.)

* Introduction to criticism of capitalism
Why capitalism was already shit when it was in it´s childhood state and why some of us have to work more and more whilst others have to be unemployed.

* Why we fight - strategies of the radical left in times of crisis
Ways of living, approaches, constellations and alliances have been drastically changing in the last five years. Time for a broad reflexion... (John Kannankulam & antifa (f))

*Openspace with inputs, introduction and handicraft work
Let´s make the invisible visible.... Reproduction crisis . The crisis finds the city – Racism and crisis – German weapons around the world – antimil. Positions - Climate crisis, what to do? – „Hoch die internationale“ & transnational anticapitalism
(Interventionistische Linke)

*Real democracy – now or never?
Along with the capitalist economic crisis criticism is also rising against the only „as a matter of course“ accepted form of government – „parliamentary democracy“.
(Fast forward Hannover)

*M31 and the idea of transeuropean political strikes
(02:30 PM) Understanding about the potential of active support of general strikes in european countries.
(M31 Network)

* “What to do in case of fire?”
(01:00 PM) How to deal with governmental repression? – how to get along with repression. Legal tips for blockades, demonstrations & afterwards
(AG Antirepression & Rote Hilfe)

*Fight for your right to the city
How to practically connect entirely different propositions of crisis, (radical) left & victims of, or persons threatened by eviction?
(Network „Wem gehört die Stadt?“)

*Cool, but deadly
Working conditions & struggles in textile manufactories for the globalized fashion world. With activists from Pakistan.

*Caring for communism – about work, crisis and gender
(04:00 PM) – The often invisible side of employment - reproductive work, often called „care work“.
(Interventionistische Linke)

*Discussion Panel: There is an alternative – Self organization in Greece (with comrades form Alpha Kappa)
(04:30 AM) – Alpha Kappa is an anti-authoritarian-anarchistic approach of organizing in some Greek cities.
(antifa ak cologne)

02:00 PM, Camp anticapitalista
Action- and blockade trainings
To be well prepared and equipped with all necessary skills and background infos about all the actions during Blockupy, we want you to participate in our Action- and blockade training sessions.
(Network Skills for Action)

04:00-05:00 PM – Preungesheim Prison
Solidarity against coercive detention and repression – Prison-Demonstration
Collective departure from the Campsite (Solikomitee)

06 - 08:00 PM, Camp anticalistalista, at the Red Help information-tent
Counseling after arrests, bans of residance,...

07:00 PM – Camp anticapitalista
Action plenum around preparation of the blockades
What´s tomorrows program? How is the day planed? Introduction of focus areas: Blockade of the ECB & Actions in the financial district – Blockupy deportation airport – Shopping district (Zeil) Action – Our right to the city – Landgrabbing – Info and agreements.

09:00 PM – Studi-Haus, Campus Bockenheim
Event: The anarchist Banker
Thomas Ebermann, Matthias Scheuring, Fernando Pessoa & TOP B3rlin.

10:00 PM, Camp anticapitalista
Camp-Bar, DJing with Maos Rache (Nürnberg)

Friday, May 31st

07:00 AM
Blockade of ECB & Actions of civil disobedience in the city and at the airport

05:00 PM, Matthäuskirche, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 33
Euro crisis, Debt, Debt audit and the role of the ECB
Panel discussion with St. Lindner (Attac D), Leon. Vatikiotis (Uni Varna/Cyprus), Marica Fangakis (Attac GR), Pierre Gottiniaux (CADTM) – organized by Attac D

05:00 PM, Saalbau Gallus, Frankenallee 111
Quo Vadis EUrope – Perspectives for european integration between new authoritarian EU-economical gouvernment & a disintegrating Euro?
With inputs from Alexis J. Passadakis (Attac D.) and Chr. Mayer (Attac D) - organized by Attac D

05:00 PM, Saalbau Gallus, Frankenallee 111
A good life for everyone – For a trans-european capital levy
With inputs from Attac D and the Campaign „Ran an den Speck“ – Attac Portugal (tbc) – Attac GR & Tax Justice Ireland – Organized by Attac D

05:00, Location tba
Sick crisis – Risks and side effects of structural adjustment measures in Europe & global
Cost reduction in the health and social sector... How could resistance be organized and what could it look like? What are the effects of the crisis in Africa, Latin America & Asia – Organized by medico international and Attac D

05:00 Stage at „Rossmarkt“
Save the people – not the banks – for a social europe
With Sahra Wagenknecht (MdB, DIE LINKE), Theodoros Paraskevopoulos (SYRIZA, Greece), Catarina Principe (Linksblock Portugal), Moderation: U. Wilken (DIE LINKE) – Should we run into bad weather this event will be hosted at the „DGB Haus“
Organized by Bundestagsfraktion DIE LINKE

06:00 PM, Camp anticapitalista
Aktivenplena: Evaluation of the day of action and preparation for the demonstration on Saturday.

06 - 08:00 PM, Camp anticalistalista, at the Red Help information-tent
Counseling after arrests, bans of residance,...

08:00 PM, Rossmarkt
Capitalism concrete: News from the engine room – The international debate after the Friday protests. Blockupy alliance event
With Zehra Khan (Gen. Secretary of „Home based women workers federation, Karachi, Pakistan), Rainer Einenkel (Workers Council, Opel Bochum), Manila Ricci (Global Project, Rimini, Italy), tba (Egypt) - Should we run into bad weather this event will be hosted at the „DGB Haus“

10:00 PM, Rossmarkt
„The spirit of 45“, Documentary
(OV / Subtitles 94 Minutes) – Prescreening of Ken Loach´s new documentary about the struggle for the social institutions in the UK after 1945 & the removal of social rights for citizens. Afterwards there will be a discussion with Alex Gordon (train driver, former head of the British Railway and transport union RMT, acteur in the movie) Moderation: Chr. Bucholz (LINKE) - Should we run into bad weather this event will be hosted at the „DGB Haus“
Organized by Bundestagsfraktion DIE LINKE

10:00 PM, Camp anticapitalista
Camp-Bar & DJing with Neoton (Wiesbaden), Karl Mosh (Hamburg)

Saturday, June 01st

09:00 AM, Camp anticapitalista
Delegate Plenum

11:00 AM, Baseler Platz
International demonstration

04:00 PM, Willy-Brand Platz, EZB
Closing rally & Assamblies about the future of resistance

07:00 PM, Camp anticapitalista:
European gathering of activists & movements: Next steps and perspectives for a resistance in europe from below

09:00 PM, Camp anticapitalista:
Concert with Trouble orchestra (Audiolith, HH), La Resistencia d´Mexico (LatinoSkaPunk, Mex.), Diffarent MC & Flowtonix (HipHopReggaeFunkDubSka, DA), Friendly Fire (SkaZZcore, FFM)

You will find an updated listing of this program here: Look for announcements at the infopoint on the campsite and the infopoints in the city.

During the „Blockupy“ week:

Camp Info: 0152 11878373
Blockupy Info: 0160 6957158
EA-Emergency: 0160 95657426

Der Camp-Programmflyer (A5, 4 Seiten)

Das Camp-Programmplakat (A2)

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